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Solution Property

Hi there, we are Wendy and Ross Brumwell. We are a husband and wife team (as you can see in the photo on the left) who are the joint owners of Solution Property, a property investment and management business based in the UK.

Our Vision

To provide high quality accommodation with exceptional service levels for professional people.

Our Story

Our Story

Wendy and Ross always wanted to run their own business, but really didn’t know what to do or where to start. After leaving university they both decided to get valuable experience in the corporate world so they could build up their core skills base, understand what it was they enjoyed doing and most importantly get some valuable experience in how successful businesses were run.

Ross knew about his passion for renovating property from a young age when his parents built their own house. He also had a keen interest, similar to Wendy to run his own business one day.

Wendy lived in a student House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) at university and often quizzed the landlord about what he did. She remembers being naturally interested in his property development business and wanted to renovate her own projects some day.

Ross’ first experience as a landlord was from renting out a flat he owned when moving into his first house with Wendy. Together they did some small renovations on the house they lived in whilst Ross rented his flat. This gave them both a little exposure to property management and very small renovation projects.

In December 2011, 6 months after they got married, Wendy and Ross realised they had some spare time in the evenings and weekends now that the wedding planning had finished. It almost seamed like a time void in their lives that they never had before. That was when they decided that now maybe the perfect time to start a business in their ‘spare time’. Wendy and Ross both remember spending most of the Christmas holidays in 2011 looking up business ideas until the penny dropped…. we are both interested in property! They had done some light renovations and had experience of renting a flat. That was it! They both researched property investing, went to property network meetings, read lots of books and then wrote a business plan.

Wendy and Ross presented their business plan to investors and in December 2012 they completed on their first big renovation project in Bristol.  Why Bristol? Well, they researched and analysed many cities, towns in the UK and we found that Bristol was the only city outside of London that positively contributed to the economy. It was also growing in popularity as London became more expensive to live and professionals were looking to live the London life without the London prices. This project was to be their first HMO for young professionals. This project was by far the most scary as it was the biggest renovation they had done and a venture into the unknown. We remember a few sleepless nights!

At the beginning of 2015 due to the growth of the business, Wendy decided to work full time at Solution Property. She now manages the portfolio and works as business coach and mentor to help others with their business journey.

Now in 2019, they have a portfolio of HMOs as well as single let houses and flats in Bristol, Bath and Newbury. Wendy and Ross are focusing their attention on commercial to residential conversions, taking advantage of the government permitted development rights to change the use of offices and convert them into residential accommodation.

Wendy and Ross are both very fortunate to have the support of their wonderful family. Without them, we would not be where we are today. A big thank you to our parents for believing in us and supporting us through our challenging and very rewarding journey.

Meet the Team

We are The Solution Property Team... run by The Brumwells! We are all devoted to providing excellent quality accommodation and the highest level of service to our professional tenants.


Wendy Brumwell BSc(Hons), MSc, MPhil, MinstLM

Founder/Managing Director, Business Coach & Mentor

Wendy is a Managing Director at Solution Property with seven years experience of property investment, development and portfolio management.

After graduating with an MSc and MPhil in Computer Science, her technical background led to a successful career in the telecoms industry as a lead Business Consultant and Programme Manager for Verizon and Vodafone.

Wendy has an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to use her business and financial acumen combined with her project management skills to build a business she was passionate about. In 2013, she teamed up with her husband Ross Brumwell and together they run Solution Property, a property investment and management business.

From single let flats and houses to Houses of multiple occupation (HMO) investments, Wendy has experience of many investment strategies. She now focuses her attention on commercial to residential developments and is currently transforming office spaces into flats. If you’d like to find out more about her property development projects, have a look at some of her portfolio examples here or connect with Wendy if you'd like to visit a project [email protected]

Wendy is fuelled by her passion for developing unloved buildings and giving them a new lease of life for people to enjoy. She also loves the lifestyle that property investment affords her with a keen interest in lifestyle choices, business strategies and Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP). Wendy considers herself a forever student eager to grow her knowledge in the latest property investment strategies and business trends.

Her hunger for knowledge and determination to turn this information into action has seen her have success by attaining a coaching and mentoring certification from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm). By implementing her coaching and mentoring methods, she improves the career progression of new entrepreneurs helping them find clarity and direction. Wendy is keen to help and inspire property investors to achieve the business success and lifestyle they desire. By bringing together business coaching and property mentoring, Wendy has created an exciting unique new programme for the first time. If you would like to know more about her new Property Business Coaching and Mentoring, reach out to [email protected] to connect or visit her website www.wendybrumwell.com

A bit different… Wendy is also a professional ice skater with 15 years experience of running her own figure skating coaching business. She has found that the mind-set required for the competitive edge of a top athlete is key to being your definition of a successful person in life. Getting into the field of property investment, mind-set plays a very important role.

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Ross Brumwell MSc(Hons)

Founder/Managing Director

Ross is a Managing Director at Solution Property with eleven years experience of property investment, development and portfolio management. 

Like Wendy, following graduation from Brunel University in 2004 with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, Ross chose to go into the professional arena. First with telecoms giant Vodafone as a project manager for 2 years, before moving to a technical manufacturing company, Xtrac, who specialise in the design and manufacture of motorsport transmission systems. 

Somehow, working for someone else never quite felt right and in 2013 the nagging desire to run his own business became too great, resulting in the creation of Solution Property with Wendy. This was quickly followed a year later, by Ross leaving Xtrac following 8 years in project management and senior account manager roles, to set up an additional company providing Business Software Consultancy services, allowing more flexibility to focus on the growing demands of property activities.

Ross’ first exposure to the world of property came as a 3 year old (a long time ago!) when his parents built their own home and Ross helped out with some of the labouring! It took a while for the next stage of the journey to begin in 2008 when Ross became a landlord for the first time by choosing not to sell the flat he owned in Newbury when buying a house with Wendy.

Things have moved on bit since that first single let flat with Solution Property now managing single let flats, houses, HMO’s and commercial units owned by Ross and Wendy. 

Ross really enjoys the process of seeing the potential in a building and working through the stages of making that visions a reality. This started out with the renovation and conversion rundown houses in to Houses of Multiple Occupation before stepping up to commercial to residential conversions, adding value by renovating and splitting buildings in to multiple titles. 

As an engineer, Ross has a very practical mind and enjoys the details of working with architects and builders to resolve problems and come up with design solutions for the projects. In earlier projects this involved being very hands on and completing renovation works on some of the properties himself which, although being enjoyable, was not the best use of time and nowadays is left to the professionals.

A bit different….As well as working on the property business Ross’ other business is helping companies change their business software. This involves working with companies to understand their processes and teaching them how to run them using new software, in which Ross has expert knowledge. Ross loves the teaching aspect of this work and hopes to help people in property by passing on knowledge and lessons learned from the various projects undertaken to build the Solution Property business and personal property portfolio


Lucca Brumwell - Labrador Retriever

Property Dog

Lucca is the Property Dog at Solution Property with six years experience overseeing their renovation projects.

His training at canine education makes him the ideal dog for this role being well behaved, very laid back and able to sit, lie down and give high fives as required.

Lucca visits every single renovation project and is an integral part of the Solution Property team. If you look closely in the portfolio renovation photos you will spot him there in his supervisory role.

To help his fellow four legged friends who are less fortunate that him, Lucca is a fond supporter of the dog trust charity. He works closely with Wendy Brumwell to donate 10% of all coaching and mentoring profits to this charity that is close to his heart. Find out more at www.wendybrumwell.com

Next Steps...

If you would like to have a friendly chat to us about property or property business coaching and mentoring, please do get in touch. We'd love to hear from you, click the 'contact' us button or email us: [email protected]