Coaching & Mentoring


Would you like financial independence, a pension and lifestyle choices from your own UK based property portfolio?

Coaching and Mentoring is key to be able to move forward in your property business. As a certified (MinstLM) business coach/mentor and the owner of a multi-million pound property portfolio, Wendy knows how to help you reach your property goals faster and offers the most up to date methods and strategies to help you move forward in your property business in the best way possible.

Wendy has seven years experience running her own successful property business with a portfolio of flats, houses and houses of multiple occupation. She is a professional property investor with knowledge of many property investing strategies including buy-to-sell (flips), House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) and commercial to residential conversions.

She offers flexible and affordable ways to help you start out on your property journey whether your goal is financial security, a pension to retire on or taking control of your life to become financially independent. It doesn't have to be expensive to gain knowledge and get started in property! We offer flexible options to suit your lifestyle from a more intense approach or ad-hoc 1:1 sessions.

Our business coaching and property mentoring provides a holistic approach to your property investing journey to include lifestyle choices and business planning as well as the all important professional property knowledge and property mentoring expertise. We will work together to find out what property strategy suits you, create your property business plan, decide on your property focused goals and agree actions to help you achieve your goals. Wendy will hold you accountable to your actions and you will be fully supported during your coaching and mentoring.

1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions will include:

  • 45 minute 1:1 sessions
  • Face to face sessions in person if local, FaceTime/Skype or phone call
  • Property mentoring
  • Property knowledge
  • Business coaching
  • Tools and techniques to identify goals and methods to achieve them
  • Finding your property strategy to start investing
  • Creating your property business plan - key for investment!
  • Actions set so you achieve your goals faster
  • Full accountability… only a few excuses allowed!
  • A confidential listening ear that won’t pass any judgement
  • An enjoyable and motivating session
  • FREE email access to me
  • FREE ‘SOS’ touch points


We offer flexible programmes to help you get started in your property business journey.  If you would like to invest in property and are not sure where to start or you'd like to grow your property investing business, CONTACT US today to book a FREE no obligation 20 minute call.


Potential and new property investors or those who would like to grow their business. The sessions will help you understand where you are today, learn about professional property investing and map out your journey to help you start achieving your property goals.


You'd like to invest in property, but you are unsure of the next steps? We can help by providing professional property investing knowledge that works, business coaching and property mentoring, holding you accountable for your actions, guidance on how to write your property business plan and working with you to get clarity on your property goals. There will also be the opportunity to discuss your property strategies and goals in an open, honest and supportive environment.


CONTACT US today for a friendly 20 minute consultation call to understand how we can help you.


“Having been involved in property and construction for 15years in an architectural & business owner capacity, I was not expecting to experience fundamental mind-changing discussions when we signed up to Solution Property’s Property Business Coaching & Mentoring sessions. However, Wendy’s approach was holistic and contextualised, taking into consideration many broad aspects of starting and running a business. Her sessions concentrated on true infrastructure; personal health and life-goals, aspirations in property business, and of course the identification of manageable routes towards getting where we want to be.

As an extremely busy individual, I found it helpful to have scheduled meetings during which we were asked to reflect on important matters – and Wendy’s calm, controlled and constructive personal demeanour was perfectly suited to getting the most out of the conversation. Although our aspirations varied somewhat from Wendy’s personal experience in property, her knowledge was readily transferrable and between us it became easy to develop a very personalised road-map to reaching our own goals. Each session ended with some homework keep up progressive momentum, and was meticulously followed up with notes/records of what had been accomplished for review as our business plan develops.

 All-in-all the sessions were fantastic, and we’d recommend them to anyone who could benefit from some grounding and purposeful direction in their property development business.” Pepper Barney, Business Owner & Architect.