How to Get and Stay Motivated

Why is it that sometimes we are excited and find it easy to get motivated, yet other times, we are constantly procrastinating, and it is nearly impossible to figure out how to get motivated? This blog contains some great ideas based on insightful research on how to get and stay motivated. What is motivation? The

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Secret Agent!

As investors, we really wanted to ask our secret agent the questions that we think all investors want to know about how to work with agents. We’ve shared this great interview on this blog. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Get in touch and let us know your feedback. Wendy: Tell us

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Maisonette Renovation

We began our renovation work in the maisonette whilst we were waiting for planning permission. The maisonette was visually in good condition when we purchased it, so our ideal option was to just upgrade the bathroom and redecorate before renting it out. However, as soon as we took vacant possession it quickly became clear that

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