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Property Tips 101

FREE Property Tips 101 to give you tips and lessons that we have learned over seven years of sourcing, investing, renovating and managing our own projects. Download your free copy >here<

Starting Out In Property Series - Top Tips in Short Guides

Property investment can be a profitable business or one of the most lucrative ways to make the most out of your savings. This series of ‘Getting Started In Property’ guides is designed to give you a basic understanding to prepare you for starting on this profitable journey, giving you the best knowledge and skills on how to invest in property.

When getting started in property investing, there are a number of things to consider, for example, where you are going to invest or what type of property you want to invest in, are you looking to have just one investment, buy to sell, or are you wondering how you can start a your own portfolio? In our guides, we will cover some of the most important property investment topics that you will need to know before you start out on your property investment journey.

1 The UK Property Market and BTL Investments

Our first guide is about the UK property market and Buy to Let (BTL) investments. Click the link to download your guide to The UK Property Market and BTL Investments >here<


2 Location, location, location!

This guide is about location being a key consideration when choosing a successful property investment. Click the link >here< to download your guide Location, Location, Location!


3 Tenant Profile for BTL Investments 

Another very important factor to consider when thinking about how to get started in property investing is your tenant profile. Click >here< to download your guide to defining your tenant profile.


4 Investing for High Rental Yields
When investing in property, it important to find locations that offer a good return. In this short guide we'll explain yield, how to it's calculated and what is considered as a good yield. Click >here< to download your copy.