VA Q&A – Document Your Processes and Systems

One of the key lessons we've learned is that, as an entrepreneur, you just can't do everything yourself. So, it is essential to learn to delegate and outsource in order to free up time to focus on the strategic, bigger picture tasks.

We've been working with our VA (Virtual Assistant) for about a year now and thought it might be useful to ask them how they have found working with Solution Property and what things we do that make their job easier. As you'll see from the answers, having well documented systems and processes is essential!

What have you enjoyed the most about working with us as property investors doing VA work?

The variety! I really enjoy the interaction with tenants and also being on hand to provide effective admin support to Wendy and Ross, so that their time is freed up to focus on the bigger picture.

Was the work as expected?

Yes - from the outset I was given clearly defined tasks and I’ve always been super-impressed by how organised, professional and efficient the systems and processes are at Solution Property!

What processes and procedures help you the most?

The fantastic documentation and templates provided - these really enabled me to hit the ground running and have made working on tasks a breeze. Also, Wendy has always taken the time to explain the “why's", so that instead of purely completing tasks, I have gained a valuable, deeper understanding of each process as a whole. This, in turn, enables me to provide the best support possible.

What do you feel is required to assist us in the most effective way?

Being entrusted to communicate with tenants, prospective tenants and suppliers requires excellent communication and people skills and a personable approach. Plus attention to detail, a proactive attitude and a genuine interest in property management as a whole.

Anything you would like to add?

It’s been fascinating to gain such an insight in to property management and investment and it’s always a pleasure working with Wendy and Ross, as they are truly some of the world’s lovely people!